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Ayodhya Investment Opportunity Tokens



FundBezzie Rating

Investment Type FRE
Target IRR 16 %
Minimum Investment INR 2 L
Tenure 48 Months
Subscribed - ( In %) N/A

About opportunity

Welcome to an exciting opportunity in the heart of Ayodhya! Our growth product offers a unique chance for investors to participate in the burgeoning economy of this historic city. With a minimum investment of 2 lakhs, individuals can dive into the promising ventures thriving in Ayodhya, poised for exponential growth in the coming years.

Key Features:

1.Location Advantage: Ayodhya, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, is undergoing a rapid transformation into a modern economic hub. Investing in this city means tapping into a promising market with immense potential.

2.Real Estate Tokenization: With a minimum investment of 2 lakhs, our product allows individuals to participate in Ayodhya's growth story without requiring substantial capital. This real estate tokenization investment model ensures accessibility to a wide range of investors, from seasoned professionals to newcomers in the investment landscape.

3.Expected Returns: The growth potential of Ayodhya translates into attractive returns for investors. With an expected return of 2X on investment, our product offers the possibility of doubling your capital over the tenure of the investment.

4.Tenure: Investors can commit to this opportunity for a tenure of 4+ years, aligning with the long-term growth trajectory of Ayodhya's economy. This extended tenure provides the necessary time for investments to mature and capitalize on the city's developmental initiatives.

Curated, Quality Property Deals for users to invest through Blockchain Tokenization method.

Once a property is fully subscribed, the propertY deal goes offline, and the sale is executed at the registrar after legal due diligence.

Post Registration, Co-Ownership Records are created on a DLT registry system (called PropChain) for registered co-owners and Property Token are minted into the wallets for all Token Investors.


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1. How can I invest in Ayodhya's growth product?
   - Investing in our product is simple. Reach out to our dedicated team, and they will guide you through the process, including documentation and investment procedures.

2. What are the risks associated with this investment?
   - Like any investment, there are inherent risks involved. However, Ayodhya's robust economic outlook, coupled with strategic investment decisions, mitigates potential risks to a considerable extent.

3. Can I invest a higher amount than the minimum requirement?
   - Absolutely! While the minimum investment is set at 2 lakhs, investors are welcome to contribute higher amounts based on their financial capabilities and investment goals.

4. How is the expected return of 2X calculated?
   - The expected return of 2X signifies the potential for doubling your initial investment over the tenure of the investment. This projection is based on comprehensive market analysis and growth forecasts for Ayodhya's economy.