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FundBezzie Rating

Investment Type SDI
Target IRR 13 %
Minimum Investment INR 5.5 L
Tenure 47 Months
Subscribed - ( In %) N/A

About opportunity


This investment stands out due to its secured loans, attractive risk-adjusted returns, and robust protection measures.

Loans Backed by Property:

Reduced Risk: All loans in the pool are secured by property, lowering investor risk.
12% Target IRR: Expected returns exceed those of similar-rated corporate bonds by 70-120 basis points.

Turbo Par Monthly Payouts: With a turbo par structure, the Originator’s interest aligns with investors', as excess interest spread (EIS) stays within the pool until full repayment.

Proven Repayment Track Record:

Reliable Performance: The pool boasts 13 months of on-time repayments with no defaults.

High CIBIL Scores: The pool has a high weighted average CIBIL score of 748.

Maximum Possible Security Cover:

Strong Security Cover: The opportunity offers a weighted average security cover of 1.49 times the investment amount.

Delay/Default Protection: The security cover can handle delays in 53% of interest payments or defaults up to 25%, safeguarding the investor’s expected IRR.





What is LoanX ?

LoanX is a regulated, rated, and listed investment option that enables investors to tap into a diversified pool of loans to various individuals, businesses or other entities and receive regular returns. These loans are originated and serviced by an RBI regulated NBFC

This investment instrument is enabled through a process called ‘Securitization’. CRISIL estimates that NBFCs raised 1.8 lakh crore (1 followed by 12 zeros!) via securitisation in FY'23. All of these investments were made by just 100 investors consisting largely of foreign, private, and public sector banks!

Is LoanX Tradable ?

LoanX is in the form of PTC and is a tradable listed instrument held in dematerialised form, i.e., it offers a similar experience to buying, holding, and selling a bond. However, ability to find a buyer is not guaranteed by Grip and the investor could expect to hold the instruments until maturity.

How LoanX is secured ?

LoanX (in PTC format) is an RBI and SEBI compliant,rated instrument, which is managed by an independent, SEBI-registered trustee. The returns in LoanX originate from a pool of loan receivables. The security package of LoanX consists of over-collateralization, cash collateral, and excess interest spread (EIS): Over-collateralization refers to having loans worth INR (100+x) as collateral, against an investment of INR 100. So, if in an opportunity, over-collateralization is 10%, then it has loans worth INR 110 as collateral, against INR 100 investment. Cash collateral is in the form of an upfront fixed deposit by the originator EIS is the difference between the interest amounts received on the pool of loans receivables, and the interest payable to investors

What is the tax aplicable on my return ?

Only the interest payout is expected to be taxed at the marginal tax rate of the individual investor; no tax should be payable on the principal repayment. Appreciation (if any) of the price of the PTC, in case of sale prior to the full tenure, is expected to be considered as capital gain and taxed accordingly. Please do not consider this as tax advice. We urge you to speak with your independent tax advisor.

Is it compulsory to do KYC for Loanx investment?

Yes, RBI and SEBI have mandated KYC requirements for the purchase of the PTCs to prevent money laundering activities