Bharat Value Fund

FundBezzie Rating

Investment Type AIF
Target IRR 24 %
Minimum Investment INR 100 L
Tenure 60 Months
Subscribed - ( In %) NA

About opportunity

Introducing Bharat Value Fund: A Distinctive Investment Opportunity

Bharat Value Fund offers a unique investment approach designed to maximize returns while prioritizing investor satisfaction and ethical considerations.t is a CAT II Sebi Approved fund with clear focus of Exit through IPO listing.

Entry Filters:
Our fund targets asset-backed, profitable companies with a track record of 5,10,15,20+ years and a minimum turnover of Rs.200-300-500cr+. We seek to invest in 10-12 such companies, with a focus on those where the promoter's stake exceeds 90% and second-generation involvement adds weight to the business.

Exit Efficiency:
What sets us apart is our emphasis on investor-friendly exit routes. Our Shareholder Agreement includes provisions such as a defined IPO timeline of 30-36 months, the option to sell stakes through M&A deals, or an exit IRR of 18-24% from promoters if these conditions are not met. These investor-friendly terms are integral to our investment strategy.

Red Flag Companies:
We steer clear of startups, fintech, animal-killing, alcohol, tobacco, or gaming industries, aligning our investments with ethical principles and sustainability.

Group Support:
Beyond capital infusion, the group provides extensive support to invested companies in various facets including sales and business development, recruitment of key management personnel, acquisition strategy, and technology adoption, including AI/ML. With a vast network of over 7000 corporate relationships, many IPOable in the next 3-6 years, we are well-positioned to cherry-pick the best opportunities for our investors.

Wealth Creation Strategy:
Our wealth creation strategy focuses on identifying companies trading at deep discounts (30-40% compared to listed peers). Even a doubling of revenue in the invested company until the IPO date can result in superior returns. The endorsement of numerous large institutions and family offices underscores the credibility of our approach.

Fund Charges:
Investor satisfaction remains at the forefront of our operations. We charge a 2% management fee on invested amounts (not NAV or committed amounts) and a profit-sharing fee of 20% (with a catch-up of 10% XIRR). With Deloitte as auditors, Orbis as trustee, and Secmark handling compliance, investors can rest assured of transparency and accountability.

Join us at Bharat Value Fund for an investment journey that combines financial prudence, ethical values, and a commitment to investor success.


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What is Cat II AIF?

AIFs which invest in the unlisted or private space of mid stage or late stage of a business either in form of debt or equity. These funds, when investing in the mid-stage of a business are also called private equity funds or PE funds. The same CAT II funds, when investing in late stage businesses are called Pre-IPO funds.

How are AIF’s unique?

AIFs combines the operational ease of a mutual fund and the flexibility of a PMS making it a perfect blend geared for generating optimum performance for a stipulated investment objective. To enhance risk-adjusted performance, these products can use complex strategies like unlisted equity investments, long-short hedging style of investments etc.

What are the charges?

The fund charges 2% management fees on invested amount (not on NAV
nor on committed amount) and it takes profit sharing of 20% (with catch up of 10% XIRR).
The auditors are Deloitte, trustee is Orbis and compliance is taken care by Secmark.