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Mumbai Warehousing Opportunity



FundBezzie Rating

Investment Type FRE
Target IRR 16.4 %
Minimum Investment INR 25 L
Tenure 48 Months
Subscribed - ( In %) NA

About opportunity

This is an opportunity to invest in a brand new warehouse in Mumbai tenanted to Fortune 200 tenant on a 10 year lease (3 year lock-in, 5% annual escalation) for Rs. 3,176 per sf which implies an 8.7% yield and Rs. 66 cr purchase price.

The asset is a Grade A+ warehouse built-to-suit for a Fortune 200 FMCG located in Bhiwandi, Mumbai within a 160 acre Logistics Park which has a good mix of global tenants and high spec modern warehouses.

We believe this is a unique opportunity to purchase an insitutional warehousing asset within an established logistics park in one of the strongest markets in the country and leased to the world's largest FMCG company.


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What is Property Share?
Property Share is a tech-enabled commercial real estate investment platform that allows its users to access Grade A commercial, retail, and warehousing assets tenanted to multinational tenants.

How does Property Share shortlist properties?
 Our team examines various metrics like rental yield, location, tenant, lease duration, quality of asset, scope of capital appreciation, micro and macro market indicators, legality of title, and earning potential. We rely on the extensive experience of our team which comes with more than $1 billion of real estate investment experience from The Blackstone Group, the world's largest real estate fund.

Is my investment liquid?
Real estate investments are illiquid and there can be significant delays in getting liquidity given the ticket size and lack of buyers. Please evaluate your decision carefully and consult your financial advisor if liquidity is important to you.

How will I be taxed on capital appreciation?
Capital appreciation is subject to capital gain tax at the applicable rate. The applicable tax rate would depend on the period for which the asset was held (short term vs long term). The benefit of indexation may be explored in the case of long term capital gains (holding period > years).