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Orion Series C



FundBezzie Rating

Investment Type NCD
Target IRR 17 %
Minimum Investment INR 10 L
Tenure 36 Months
Subscribed - ( In %) NA

About opportunity

What Are Private Placed Secured NCD’s?

Non Convertible Debentures (NCDs) are debt financial instruments companies issue to raise money from investors through private placement offers. The secured NCD is backed by the issuing company’s assets and obligated to fulfill its debt repayment. This makes secured NCDs one of the safest choices.


GROWTH PLUS PRODUCTS (SECURED NCDs) come along with guaranteed exit clause at the end of the tenure. The Mortgaged units will be sold to the customers and there will be a profit upside which is shared with the customer.

RISK is subdivided in 7 parts, done with proper regulatory compliance & due diligence

1. Execution Risk: Proven track record of multiple projects with a few million sq. ft

2. Title Risk: Detailed legal, technical & regulatory due diligence undertaken by independent third - party consultants with reports

3. Financial Risk: Appointment of independent reputed trustee for investor protection

4. Investment Risk: Higher value collateral to safeguard against worst case scenario

5. Regulation Risk: Government compliant, RERA approved

6. Exit Risk: Well Defined, no Market risk, as it is a fixed return exit product

7. Trusteeship: Third party reputed Trusteeship firm is onboarded for each SPV.


Income tax as per jurisdiction will be applicable


Yes, can get TDS refunded, provided IT returns are filed promptly with government income for the year is below the prescribed non-taxable amount



How do i exit ?

Typically, Growth Plus products come along with a guaranteed exit clause at the end of tenure, unless specified differently for that product. The mortgaged units will be sold to the customer and there will be a profit upside which is shared with the customer.

Can i transfer the ownership of NCD to othe's ?

No,the Debenture Holder (holding the NCDs) shall not transfer any of the NCDs, without the written consent of the Company.