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Sky One Opportunity


Viman nagar, Pune

FundBezzie Rating

Investment Type FRE
Target IRR 15.1 %
Minimum Investment INR 25 L
Tenure 60 Months
Subscribed - ( In %) NA

About opportunity

Sky One is a rare opportunity to invest in 58,661 Sq. Ft. of A+ Grade Office space in Viman Nagar, Pune.

The proposed space is situated on the 9th floor of newly constructed Sky One Corporate Park Building.

The asset is located in one of the most sought after office micro-market in Pune with proximity to Pune International
Airport and an upcoming Metro line.

The tower houses numerous Blue Chip tenants.

Our tenant, Vertiv Energy, has strategically expanded their footprint in the building,

Currently occupying in excess of 1.2L Sq. Ft. with further plans on expanding.

Vertiv is a Fortune 600 NYSE Listed Company with a market Capitalization of USD 20+ Billion.



What ia Fractional Real Estate ?

Fractional real estate, also known as property syndication or shared ownership, involves multiple investors pooling their resources to collectively invest in a property. Instead of purchasing an entire property outright, investors buy shares or ownership stakes in the asset. These shares represent a fraction of the property's value and entitle investors to a proportional share of rental income, capital appreciation, and potential tax benefits.

How It Works ?

The process of investing in fractional real estate typically begins with identifying a property suitable for syndication. This could range from commercial buildings and residential complexes to vacation homes and luxury properties. An investment sponsor, such as a real estate company or fractional ownership platform, facilitates the acquisition and management of the property.

Once the property is acquired, investors can purchase shares through the syndication platform or investment sponsor. The minimum investment amount varies depending on the property and the platform's requirements. After acquiring shares, investors become partial owners of the property and are entitled to their share of rental income and profits from the eventual sale of the property.