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Gorakh Residencies



FundBezzie Rating

Investment Type FRE
Target IRR 16 %
Minimum Investment INR 5 L
Tenure 60 Months
Subscribed - ( In %) NA

About opportunity

A plotted farmland project in Pune

Investing in farmland is an attractive option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on the agricultural sector. Farmland investments offer potential returns through land appreciation, rental income from leasing the land to farmers, and participation in the agricultural value chain.


Property Highlights:

Current market price - INR 424 per sq ft

Fundbezzie Offering - INR 350 per sq ft


  • 25 km from Pune Ring Road Recently announced by PMRDA
  • 40 mins from Hinjewadi IT Hub
  • 35 mins from Pune MCA Stadium

Capital Appreciation:

  • High as developers nearby with similar properties are currently selling at 2X price
  • Good resale value as the property is ideal for farm house, organic farming, gardening and outdoor activities

Property available at 18.6% discounted rate as compared to the market price

Rates expected to increase post PMRDA announcement of proposed ring road.


Project Location:

  • 45 mins drive from Pune city
  • Well-connected road to the property
  • Resorts - Swarg Resort, Sneh Resort -10- 14 kms from property
  • Famous Shri Prati Shirdi Sai Baba Temple - 14 kms
  • Bedse Caves - Ancient Buddhist heritage - 16 kms
  • Hospitals - Pioneer Hospital, Lifecare Hospital, Ayushree Hospital, 11 -14 kms


Advantages of Owning a Farmland:

1. Inflation Hedge

2. Diversification

3. Growing Global Demand

Risks of Owning a Farmland

1. Regulatory and Zoning Issues

2. Illiquidity

3. Capital Intensity


About RealX

RealX is a fractional ownership platform that allows people to co-invest in high yield properties and hold it as digital assets

Purpose behind RealX

RealX is creating a digital assets marketplace that enables everyone to invest small amounts in high-quality properties that were previously inaccessible due to their high value

RealX Security

RealX enables only vetted, clean propositions Due Diligence done by experienced law firms Investor funds securely held in an escrow account, ensuring platform safety RealX does not own the property rather it is co-owned by the investors Property holdings registry is maintained on immutable and secure blockchain system


Project Gorakh is a farmland available in village Adhale in Maval District, whereas the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) has initiated the process of bidding for construction of the western side of the Ring Road project, wherein work on 65 km from Kalawde in Bhor till Urse in Maval taluka will begin in the first week of 2024.

Thus, Project Gorakh is enabling individual retail investors to invest in this farmland opportunity collectively, where they can expect a minimum return of 2x in a span of 4 to 5 years.