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1. What is FundBezzie and how does it work?

FundBezzie is a platform that lists curated opportunities and connects channel partners looking for opportunities for their investors/clients that are secured, regular paying investments and can generate 5 – 10% more than FDs / Debt Mutual Funds, without the volatility of equity markets.

On the platform, Channel Partners can browse:

  • All Live Investment opportunities across location on a single platform
  • Deal documents, including Product Brochure, One Pager, Factsheet with detailed information on all the opportunities
  • Stress free tagging on leads across platforms at a single click
  • Extra Due Diligence, unbiased feedbacks with respect to products
  • Only if it compelling where it believes there is a better risk/reward equation, FundBezzie will select an opportunity to be listed online.
  • Single Invoice format for all products
  • Phygital approach: Dedicated Relationship Manager and physical support and digital reels, self – explanatory videos for lead generation
  • Attractive Payment slabs with Annual Plans

2. How do I get started on FundBezzie?

To get started, you need to create an account and sign in at www.fundbezzie.com

For any queries/help regarding signing up or for any technical difficulties, please contact us on 8928938367 or mail at info@fundbezzie.com

3. Who is FundBezzie ?

FundBezziePrivate Limited is an 100% owned subsidiary of Pantomath Group. It is an online aggregator platform focusing on distributing Channel Partners across real estate and financial industry, to help selling alternate investment products to their clients.

4. What type of products does FundBezziebrings in?

FundBezzie chooses to work with experienced platforms with good track record and quality offerings. The opportunities offer stable returns through secured debt with moderate risk characteristics or ownership of assets with in-place leasing. Thus, FundBezzie brings in Secured Non-Convertible Debentures and Fractional Real Estate products for all its channel partners & investors.

Please refer the offering documents of each opportunity for more details.

5. What are the benefits of using FundBezzie?

FundBezzie provides easy access to various live opportunities that were historically limited to only few Channel Partners.

Phygital approach, helping channel partners with all details regarding the deal, helping the channel to close secured investment deals which are not market dependent, whereas offers returns ranging from 12% to 18% IRR.

6. Who is eligible to invest through FundBezzie? Is there a minimum investment?

FundBezzie investors include professionals, business owners, high net-worth investors, Institutional investors, corporates, trusts, family offices looking for stable returns in high quality investment opportunities. Minimum investment typically starts from INR 10 Lakhs going up to a maximum of INR 5 Crores, depending on the type of opportunity. Please refer the offering documents of the specific opportunity for more details on minimum investment.

If you have any specific investment requirement, please feel free to call us on 8928938367 or write to us at info@fundbezzie.com

7. What sort of returns can I expect? Are the returns guaranteed?

Returns from an investment will vary in accordance with the nature / underlying risk / structure of the instrument. Please refer the offering documents of the specific opportunity for details on returns.

FundBezzie does not guarantee any returns. The deal documents will provide information on the target returns / IRR. FundBezzie team will facilitate an extra enhanced due diligence. Risk factors due to markets, force majeure or otherwise can impact target returns and investors should make themselves familiar with these before making an investment.

8. How does an investment opportunity get listed on FundBezzie?

The FundBezzie team reviews the preliminary information, materials and determines whether the opportunity and the investment meet the requirements to be listed on the platform.

The evaluation process includes:

  • Thorough review of the opportunity through a proprietary approach
  • Enhanced due diligence with expertise in the relevant space to highlight risks & mitigants
  • Review of the track record, reputation and quality of the offerings by the Sponsor/Borrow

9. As a Channel Partner, do I have to go through any checks?

Channel Partners are required to create an account and provide basic information (as sought under the My Accounts section) to facilitate their investors’ investments in to their chosen opportunities. The process is self-directional. For any assistance on the same, please reach out to your assigned relationship manager.

FundBezzie is only making these opportunities available for channel partners’ review. Channel Partners should review all the information properly and ensure that this is suitable for them before asking for an investment.

10. Can I invest in more than one transaction and have a portfolio?

Yes, you can in multiple opportunities at the same time. The very idea behind FundBezzie is to make opportunities more accessible so that you can diversify across multiple investments. Please refer the Opportunities section to find Open Investments.

11. How will Channel Partners be updated about their Lead status?

Regular updates on leads will be posted on Channel Partner’s dashboard. accessible post login. It will display detailed information, providing comprehensive metrics around lead flow, ongoing discussions, and overall details on closures.Notifications will be sent to Channel Partners via email when distributions are made.